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My name is Peter Schlax, I am 69 years old, have been married for 50 years and have four children and four grandchildren. I worked 15 years for American Airlines and 30 years for Amtrak the railroad and am now retired. I can be contacted at:


I have created this blog to gather knowledge about my family tree for my Granddaughters. The work I have completed so far is as follows:

1. I have charted the church records from Germany that show a history of Schlax from 1666 to 1884.

2. I have charted the US census from 1870 to 1930, which shows 38 immigrations, and 127 progeny from those immigrations up to 1930. The US census is 70 years behind present by law.

3. I have identified 63 Schlax in the present German national phone book, five Schlax in the French national phone directory, and 73 Schlax in the US national white pages.

4. To fill in the census information past 1930 I am presently trying to make a chart of the social security office’s birth /death and marriage/divorce lists by state. This is not only difficult it is damn near impossible.

My interest in genealogy resulted in writing a letter to all 141 Schlax that I can identify. I feel that there are so few Schlax in the world I wrote all people with this surname that I could find to seek help in gathering this information.

I am willing to share any information I have in exchange for your assistance in filling me in on your branch of the Schlax family from 1930 through present.

I am trying to fill in the genealogical connections between living Schlax members and their ancestors listed in the 1930 census and in the immigration records from 1870 to 1930.

Any help that you can provide, listing the names and relationships of your family (siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) that will help me would be appreciated.

With this expanded family tree, I can then draw connections between the German church records and US census chart data to complete the goal of delineating 352 years of Schlax history.

Please email me at the above address, or leave a comment below if you have any information or questions.

3 thoughts on “Schlax Family Tree

  1. hi, My great grandmother named Anna Marie Schlax married Mathias Britz. Her father was Peter Schlax born Aug 7, 1829, Peter was married to Elizabeth Spiegelhoff from Wisconsin. Do we share a common Schlax? Please respond.

  2. Yes we have a common Schlax. Sorry for the delay in replying I am making a doll house for my granddaughters.
    Peter Schlax born Aug. 7, 1829

    grandson of Balter and Susie (Hahn) children – Engelbard

    son of Engelbard and Elizabeth (Harings) – children Peter, Anton, John, Agnes, Michael, Barbara.

    Peter and Elizabeth (Spiegelhoff) children – Mary (deceased), Mary A (Anna Marie married Mathias Britz of Dixville, Minn. , Henry J, John, Edith, Michael Rose, Mathilda and Caroline (twins)

    Mary A. (Anna Marie)and Mathias Britz children – Catherine, Cecilia, Ida, Peter, Henry, John, Rose, Margaret

    Your great-grandfather is Peter and mine is his brother Anton.

    So yes we have relatives in common if there is any thing else I can do for you please let me know.

  3. Hello, I was happy to hear from you, I have a son who left in Sept for his 2nd tour in Iraq, and I have been kind of sad and not interested in working on my genealogy so I do apologize for not responding sooner. I would be happy to share my Mathias Britz and Anna Marie Schlax information if you are in need of any. Their 1st daughter Catherine was my grandmother, she married John Bauer and my father is Lawrence Bauer he married Helen Kloss and I am the 3rd child Judy. I dont’t know how far forward you are interested in going but let me know if you want any of this info. Where do you live, I live in Little Falls, Mn. about 2 hours north of Minneapolis. We have a wedding photo and all it said on the back was “Gerardy”. Peter Schlax had a sister named Agnes who married a Christof Gerardy and the photo is from Fairfax, Mn. Happy Holidays, Judy

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