Some Information about Peter P. Schlax

The Train From Randolph Street by Norm Carlson in First and Fastest Summer 2006- an article with a picture of Peter Schlax in 1926 taking the first electric commuter train trip (on p. 6) .

A page from a book on the History of Illinois Central with an entry for Peter Schlax p 594  History of the Illinois Central Railroad Company and representative employees  by William K. Ackerman, Railroad Historical Company, Illinois Central Railroad Company

A Biography of Engine 1421 (the steam locomotive that Peter Schlax engineered)

Biography of Engine No. 1 42 1

Chicago, June 4, 1917.
Mr. W. S. Williams :

I give you below data which I think is quite interesting concerning engine
1421 in suburban service since 1891 and assigned to Engineer Peter Schlax
during these 26 years. Since Mr. Schlax has taken a great deal of pride in
keeping up the engine in his charge.
1891 built by I. C. R. R., Weldon shops, No. 279 later changed to No.

221 and in 1900 again changed to No. 1421.

Amount. Miles,Made.

From 1891 to 1894 engine 104,500

Jan., 1894, received general repairs $ 1,288.19]

March, 1895, received light repairs 167.38 \ 197,100

Aug., 1895, received general repairs .” 790. 09J

Feb., 1900, received general repairs 1,551.37 85,800

Nov., 1902, received thorough repairs 2,044.76 88,138

April, 1905, received general repairs 1,770.02 83,945

Oct., 1905, received light repairs 109.31]

Dec., 1905, received light repairs 268.341 77,677

Sept., 1907, received thorough repairs 2,076. 78J

April, 1909, received light repairs 312.75)

Oct., 1909, received light repairs 187.40}- 79,401

April, 1910, received thorough repairs .. 2,248.10J

May, 1912, received thorough repairs 2,123.95] 73,644

Sept., 1912, received light repairs 540.06 }>

Nov., 1912, received light repairs 102. 68J 69,458

July, 1914, received general repairs ‘. 3,225.42

April, 1916, received light repairs : 289.29 78,025

June, 1917, in Burnside shops for general repairs

Total cost $19,095.89

Total miles 937,688

Yearly average expense $734.45

Yearly average, miles 36,065

Cost of repairs per mile $.02

D. E. Hilgartner.

This is a photo of a 2-4-4T locomotive that is similar to 1421 that Peter ran. The 1421 was made by Illinois Central but this one was made by Rogers. This was found at This locomotive is at the Illinois Railway Museum.

These are images from the Chicago Historical Society of the Street Car strike in 1915 at Randolph Street Station. This was the station that Peter worked at. Because the street cars weren’t running, the commuter trains were packed. This may mean that Peter was the first “Packer” in the family.

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