Finished the digging, Concrete Friday (probably)

First, the left front corner looking towards the back of the house (garage side). Water line is sheathed and in the middle of the house.

A diagonal/crossview to the back left corner (master bedroom) from the front right corner (guest bedroom) The garage pad and the house pad will have a frost wall between them.

Garage pad. Looking from right front bedroom to the left.

This is the back. (looking from the right (kitchen side) towards the master bedroom. The pad for the sunroom is jutting out.

This is looking along the right hand side along the master bedroom toward the garage. Notice the two white lines showing the walls.

Any questions? Call me!

One thought on “Finished the digging, Concrete Friday (probably)

  1. I stopped by this morning and concrete hadn’t started, but a leopard frog had taken up residence in the master bedroom.

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